Powerplay to Felicia Winters' Heart

This guide explains how to utilize Powerplay for personal profit. Your service to the Liberal Federal Party and its people is duly rewarded. Having pledged to Felicia Winters affirms your stance and shared ethos. Your efforts promote our society of freedom, equal rights, health and wellness to all, fair capitalism and competition, democracy, and the responsible use of power. These rights are worth fighting to maintain, and worth spreading to those in need.

The first step is to open the Galaxy Map and under the View Tab Select Felicia Winters. Rhea is our Capital.

Guide focus

Critical Path to Profit

Powerplay Ratings

Every pledged commander earns a weekly performance Rating from 1 to 5 based on the number of Powerplay Merits accrued over one week. (Starting Thursday morning, 0700h UTC.) A Wage for your current Rating may be claimed in a Control System at the end of the weekly cycle. If you die after the cycle ends (Thursday morning) without claiming your wage, it is gone, so be careful.

RMeritsPayout (Cr)PledgeSupplyPerk
210050000251510% influence
37505000005020Pulse Disruptor
5100005000000025050100% influence

Radioactive Merits

Merit points have a half-life of one week, but disappear completely after 4 weeks. This table displays the minimum number of merits to earn in a week in order to maintain a particular Rating:

RatingGoalGoal * 8/15

It is not recommended to accrue 10000 merits in your first week. Aim for an easily attainable 1500 for the first week for a five million payout. A fraction of weekly accrued merits will be carried into the next cycle -- use them as a step-up toward your weekly goal. If you intend on maintaining Rating 5, you will have to accrue over 5000 per week. The methods for earning Merits with Felicia Winters are broken into two main categories; Offensive and Defensive.


Offensive actions in Powerplay are immensely powerful, but you put yourself at risk. Foreign authority will try to stop you and you will accrue bounties for your actions. The Federal Liberal Party recognizes and sanctions certain aggressive acts. Your options are to Undermine Control Systems of opposing Powers, or to oppose Preparation and Expansion systems of certain Combat-oriented Powers.

Commanders can make best use of Powerplay wages by efficiently undermining our enemies. There will always be targets to Undermine, and there will always be a reward for bringing home proof of your exploits.


The defensive actions under Winters Powerplay are quite passive. Primarily through ferrying support cargo to key systems. e.g. Fortify local Control Systems, Prepare systems for possible Expansions, support our Expansion systems, or oppose and match Defensive activities of other Powers.

Commanders will have to keep a close eye on local markets in order to profit while ferrying cargo. Based on your current Powerplay Rating, you are alloted a number of resources for delivery every 30 minutes. You can fast track this timer for approximately 10000cr per tonne, but this can prove to be expensive. e.g. at Rating 5, it costs 500000cr to fast track 30 minutes of supply. While this chews heavily into your wages, it is often worth doing to maintain Rating for the influence perks of Ratings 3 and 5. More on this under the appropriate sections.

Open Play

All of these activites come with plenty of risk. Performing them in Solo or Private Group greatly reduces this risk, but also the fun and fear. Felicia supporters strongly encourage Open play and teamwork. We want you to be in a wing delivering care packages to the poor, or ass-whoopin's to the rich before the eyes of all commanders brave enough to be in Open play. We are always available for a Wing.

Undermining (Offensive)


Undermining is the cheap and fast option for earning Merits. It's also the most accessible activity for improving your personal Powerplay Rating. The process is simple; travel to an Opposing Power's Control Systems and halt the activities of ships operating under Opposing Powers. Most importantly, bring your friends.

First you need to choose a system. From the Powerplay menu, view the Control tab of an Opposing Power of your choice. Ignore Cancelled systems. They are fully Undermined and fully Fortified. Seek out systems which are Under Threat and still Fortifying. Check if the system has a high profit or high upkeep cost. That is where the real damage is done. Undermining a low profit system is rarely helpful because the Power may be trying to get rid of that system, and we would rather they keep it. There are some regularly updated lists of ideal Undermining targets; the Winters Subreddit usually contains a stickied post, and the Federal Liberal Command site provides fine grain detail. You can meet lots of Commanders who will want to go too.

Every kill is worth 30 points. However, if you get killed you lose these points. You need to travel back to one of your control systems and turn them in for merits toward your weekly Rating. Once turned in, they remain safe for the week. All Undermining points are added against the Control of a system. Once a system is 100% Undermined it is no longer necessary to Undermine that system. If the opposing power does not Fortify the system, it will cost them severely in Command Capital.

Undermining Targets

Don't attack any Federation ships. It counts as treason and you instantly lose merits. It's also a bad idea to attack Reform Ships. They carry stolen/rescued slaves heading to a new life of freedom, and this is something we can jibe with. Civilian ships (with silly names) can be scanned from Supercruise to ensure they are a target (aligned with a power). However, you will only see aligned Civilians when the Control System is in Turmoil. Of course, you may want to focus your efforts to a particular group of these ships for your own personal reasons.

Aisling's GuardianCampaign ShipAisling Duval
Shield of JusticeImperial SupplyA. Lavigny-Duval
Patreus SentinelImperial SupportDenton Patreus
Torval's ShieldPrivate SecurityZemina Torval
Alliance EnforcerAlliance DiplomatEdmund Mahon
Sorius SecuritySirius TransportLi Yong Rui
Utopian OverseerReform ShipsPranav Antal
Kumo Crew WatchKumo Crew TransportArchon Delaine

Enemy Commanders are worth 1 point.


Wing-mate icon.

Targeted. <Chevrons> You may now use your Nav-Lock hotkey. (Default is -)

Nav-Locked. [Brackets] you will auto follow them in and out of Supercruise and Hyperdrive.

No longer targeted, but Nav-Lock remains.

Fitting Tips

Fortifying (Defensive)

Merits can be earned based on the tonnage of Liberal Federal Packages sourced from Rhea and delivered to Control Systems. Since these items are only allotted in limited quantity every 30 minutes, it is a slow process. You may optionally fast-track the allotment of packages at the cost of credits. This is not a profitable action, but may be worthwhile in some circumstances to achieve the Merit count you need. Powerplay wages are worth at least some fast-tracking. Excessive fast-tracking is not recommended until you have a solid source of income elsewhere.

Remember: This Fortifying resource is only available from the Capital System, Rhea. When docked in Rhea, have a look at the Station Services panel under the Contacts section. Find Powerplay Contacts and fill your cargo with Liberal Federal Packages. Now find a Control System in need.

Find a Control System to Fortify from the Powerplay menu. Ignore systems marked as "Cancelled" and fortify those listed as "Under Threat" or "Fortifying". Preferably any system with a Command Capital return above 70. Drop off your resources at that system in any station. The delivery yields merits instantly. No need to turn them in, you are already at a Control System.

Shields Up

Fortification keeps our Command Capital stable by counteracting incoming Undermining.

Trigger StatusSituation
No FortificationLazy or don't care
Fortification > UnderminingFortifying
Fortfication Trigger ReachedFortified
Both Triggers ReachedCancelled
Undermining Trigger ReachedUndermined
Undermining > FortificationUnder Threat
No UnderminingSuspicious As

Fortifying Tips

You will get interdicted while delivering your cargo, so do not compromise all your defenses in favour of jump range and cargo capacity. Multirole ships like the Cobra, Asp, Orca, Python, and Anaconda can more easily defend themselves than the dedicated freighters. Even though it reduces your jump distance, consider installing Military Grade Composites to increase your defense.

500000Cobra (S)5015200
2000000Cobra (S)5020200+
3000000Type-6 (M)10019180
12000000Asp (M)10022200
24000000Type-7 (M)20017130
60000000Python (M)24014140
90000000Type-9 (L)50012180
140000000Anaconda (L)45016160


Spreading Propaganda

All Powers have the ability to vie for control of an uncontrolled and unexploited star system. Preparation is a generally peaceful and non-profitable activity. At best, it can be used to close the gap toward 10000 merits if necessary by Fast-Tracking supply. However, if you are in no rush and would like to take advantage of the free allotment of packages, preparation can be used to supplement other activity on the edge of the Permafrost. So long as your ship is fit to accommodate the full allotment, run missions or trade in the area, and deliver your Federal Liberal Propaganda every 30 minutes.

Each cycle, every commander is granted nomination vouchers (based on their Powerplay Rating) to pledge toward a system of choice for future expansion.

Additionally, Federal Liberal Packages are automatically alotted to supporting Commanders every 30 minutes to ferry to the Preparing system.

The conditions for successfully Preparing a system are as follows:


Preparation is one of the more critical aspect of Powerplay. It leads to Expansion, which is the last step before it becomes a Control System, and not all star systems are desirable. It is best to discuss and deliberate with peers on these decision. Factors to consider include:


Providing Aid

Once the Preparation phase has been won, a system can now be supplied for Expansion. As with Fortification and Preparation, Expansion is a peaceful and non-profitable activity. In fact, Expansion can be very expensive. Every 30 minutes all supporting Commanders are allotted a resource used for Expansion called Liberal Federal Aid. Again, most Commanders choose to Fast-Track this resource to fill their cargo bay.

The conditions for successfully Expanding into a system are as follows:

Kill with Kindness

Expansion with Winters is a show of brute kindness. Our fleet delivers aid to those struggling under the existing regime. To successfully match and exceed any Opposition it might be necessary to employ some alternative strategy:

Expanding can be detrimental. It thins out Winters' small support network and can weaken the stability of the Power's Influence. The more Control systems, the more Fortification may be required. However, our succeptibility to Sniping does not necessarily change. However, it may be suitable to intentionally fall into Turmoil to prevent an Expansion if the system is not worth controlling. This occurs regularly, so don't be discouraged.


The state of Turmoil means that the local government of one or more Control Systems has lost confidence in the Liberal Federal Party and is in the process of annulling the policies Felicia Winters helped to legislate in the area. This can happen if a system has been Undermined completely by opposition without ample Fortification from our side to match the offense. However, even fully Fortified systems can enter Turmoil if the Command Capital is low enough or drops into the negative. Command Capital is an abstracted resource which represents government influence. If stretched too thin, the weakest systems go into Turmoil.

A system in Turmoil:

Liberal Federal Party

Felicia Winters is the Shadow President -- the leader of the opposition, the Liberal Federal Party, and her focus is on equality. Her campaign efforts affect Corporate Governments the most. When there is a majority of Corporate Governments controlling nearby Exploited Star Systems, supporters have an easier time Preparing, Expanding into, or Fortifying systems thanks to Felicia's talents. The total amount of supply required to secure a system is reduced.

There is more to profit than Credits. Supporters fight poverty by promoting Federal aid to improve health and wellbeing of all citizens. We ban enslavement absolutely. As our influence spreads, we attract new commanders willing to fight for what is balanced and good, and for what aligns with the natural will of life.


Everything a Commander does in Elite:Dangerous has a long lasting effect on nearby markets and politics. However, the actions of Winters supporters are especially disruptive. We are the brave first-followers whom inspire positive change throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. The unique benefit of Pledging to Felicia Winters is that your actions outside of Powerplay efforts can have a greatly boosted influence on controlled and exploited star systems. Depending on your Powerplay Rating, your personal political influence is increased; 10% at Rating 3 and 100% at Rating 5. Furthermore, if Felicia Winters is in the top 3 Powerplay Ranks that week, influence is increased by an additional 5% for third, 10% for second, and 15% for first.

Sadly, billions of peaceful citizens within Federation space are being uprooted by outsider forces with the intention of transferring control to immoral government. Fortunately, Commanders thrive under pressure and adversity! Find a system with a Corporate Government aligned with the Federation which is facing a troublemaker and find ways to support freedom. This applies to choosing missions and contributing to war efforts in conflict zones: System Panel, Functions, Choose Faction. It helps to team up with other Commanders for these types of events. You can ask on our Teamspeak for backup. Remember, more firepower means more fun.

When taking on Missions, check to see if the Minor Faction is a Federally aligned Corporate Government: Systems Panel (on the right), Select a minor faction to toggle detailed view. You will see other types of governments such as "Venturist", "Political", et cetera. Many of these are okay -- the Federation welcomes variety -- but some are rather controversial and unlikely to be aligned with the Federation. You might want to avoid "Dictator", "Communist", and "Co-operative" among some others. We are concerned with freedom.


Sometimes there is no Corporate Government, or no Federal alignment available for assistance. This is okay. Generally we favour Corporate Government even if aligned to another Major Faction. This is because of Felicia's strengths and the reduced burden on Fortifying. The two together are ideal, but we endure so much Undermining, it's best to make it cheaper for us. e.g.

It might feel taboo to game the system in this way, but it's an interim solution to a very complex problem. We don't want an enormous refugee situation on our hands just yet. Once we are ready, we can support nearby Minor Factions to expand into the target system and provide precisely the type of governance that we desire.


As of Cycle 38, Winters space controls 68 systems and exploits 761 systems.

Blatrimpe is our highest population system at 27,637,283,802.

Sanctioned Activity

While not directly related to Powerplay, the following activities are immensely valuable to the strength of the Liberal Federal Party.

Exploration Data

Sell your exploration data in Winters space. A key system is L 190-21 which has been a popular hub system for mining missions and exploration data.

Bounty Hunting

Fun fact: Winters space contains one of the most controversial systems in all Federation space; Sirsir. Why are there so many pirates here? Why do they continue to come back in spite of the relentless slaughter? Why is the rum gone?

You might also have some fun in hazardous zones in Carnoeck. It also happens to be an excellent source of ship tech.


Trading is highly beneficial to the controlling minor factions. However, Winters space does not provide significant perks for trade. Food and medicine are the Federally subsidized industries, and since food tends to be cheap, you might find trading Beryllium and other resources used in medical tech or medical supplies as options. Decent trade routes are mostly unknown. You are better off running humanitarian aid missions around the edges of Winters space. While EDDB will be of some use, it is not well seeded with market data. We are in dire need of Commanders willing to travel to seldom visited stations and use EDDB Market Connector to track the data.


The Delkar system is a known hotspot for mining, however it is somewhat busy and it would help to have more on record here.






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